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Guide to improve Alexa Rank of your website

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Guide to improve Alexa Rank of your website

Alexa is just like Google; it has its browser extension; it comes with its own Alexa assistance, etc. Just like Google, Alexa also shows the ranking of many websites. Many people can try to enhance the Alexa Rank of their website by hiring a digital marketing company. Especially if you are in India, you can find the Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, etc.

Although if you don't have that money or you are just starting with your website and don't want to spend your money on it right now, you can follow this guide to improve the Alexa Rank of your website.

Alexa rank

Alexa rank is what tells you how your website is doing in comparison with other sites. It also shows your popularity by calculating many different things like quality, reputation, viewers, etc.



Tips & Tricks


The first thing that you want to do before even thinking about rank is to produce quality content. The content plays a significant role in how your website is going to rank later. There are some things that you need to make sure of before posting your content, and those are;

  • Readability score: content should be easy to read and understand by everyone.
  • Well crafted: it should look useful and attractive.
  • Proper grammar: make sure that it's grammatically correct.

Install Alexa extension

You can also help yourself get a better rank by downloading the Alexa toolbar because every time you will visit your sites, it will get included in the viewer's count, and that will help your website grow.


The best way to rank yourself in Alexa rank is the same as the Google rank; you can use keywords to improve your position. So if a person searches the words which match your keyword, Alexa will show your website on the first page.

You can get Digital Marketing Services in Delhi to help you with keywords. If you want it for free, you can even try to find the keywords in many free keyword finder tools, or you can try the Alexa Keywords Difficulty Tool.

Make it SEO friendly.

I hope you are aware of the term SEO content, also called Search Engine Optimization content, which depends on how it can rank better in the search engine. The best way to get a better rank in Alexa Rank is by making your content SEO friendly.

  • Put backlinks
  • Make sure your content contains short paragraphs.
  • Keywords

Share your website

As I said earlier that your views count plays a significant role when it comes to Alexa Rank. So make sure each blog gets posted on every social media account.

Start with putting links on your bio on Instagram and Facebook; you can also make a video version of the content and post it on YouTube just like the tech website and food website people do.

Quality backlinks

We discussed earlier that providing backlinks can be an excellent help for your website growth, although you need to make sure that those backlinks are of high quality and related to your content.

Posting simple backlinks is way more different than attaching useful, related, and quality backlinks as it will help readers get more detailed about the content.

Analysis from audit tool

Another thing that people don't realize while making their website is the minor errors that we might now be able to see. Many web pages provide content every day, and still, because of that error, their page never ranked at the top.

Search engines like Google and Alexa have some stringent rules when it comes to a website listing; minor mistakes can get your site rank down. So you can use the audit tool on Alexa that can help you get an in-depth analysis of your content and website and tell you the errors and help you fix them. That results in making your rank better in Alexa Rank.


Better search traffic results in a better rank itself.

Another way to improve your Alexa Rank is by making sure that your search traffic is increasing steadily.

And there are many ways to do that, the most common way is by making your website SEO-friendly just like we discussed earlier.

Although there is another way which can help you increase your search traffic, either you pay to have your site listed, more than another organic website, or you use some other options like;

  • Regular two or three blogs
  • Ask visitors to share your blogs or site.
  • Hire different guest writers who will attract their audience.
  • List your website


As we saw in the article, many paid options that include hiring a Digital marketing company in Delhi or wherever you live, and there are many free options in which you have to do all the work. It won't be easy, but you will be able to get a high rank on Alexa Rank if you do all of the steps correctly.


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