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Tips for Website Design to Improve Bounce Rate

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Tips for Website Design to Improve Bounce Rate

A single hole in the bottle can make the bottle empty forever, just like that a small term like Bounce Rate can ruin your website and hard work that you put in your site entirely. The easiest way out is to hire a website company, and if you are in India, you can even try the Website Design company in Delhi, Website Design Agency in Gurugram.


The hard way, but probably the free and most trusted way to get a better bounce rate, is by doing it yourself. There are many strategies and tips that you use to get a better Bounce rate.


What is the Bounce rate, and how it affects the website?

The bounce rate for layman means the percentage of viewers that mostly Bounce-Off before looking at your page or opening your page.


Tips to improve your bounce rate


Make your website load faster.


The critical aspect of a website is its speed. Make sure that your website loads faster; we all know how much it sucks when a web page takes forever. Slow loading of a web page is not always the fault of a viewer internet connection; most of the time, it's the website that takes a vast amount of data usage to load, and it can even cost you a customer. There are different things that you can do to make your site loads faster like;

  • Reduce image size: one of the reasons your website takes forever to load is that you are using a very high pixel image that takes a lot of data. You can start by reducing the pixels and the size of the image to help your page load faster.
  • Remove all the extra plugins: too many plugins can slow down your website loading speed, so it's better to remove any unnecessary plugins.
  • Change your web host: people don't consider that the slow loading of your page can even be your web host fault. So if that's the case for you, try changing your host.


Make it look simpler.


Nobody likes to go to a website that seems way too complicated to even search for anything. So get ready to get some changes and optimize your site to a simple and easy to access a website.

Believe it or not, a complicated website can make a customer go on another website, and you don't want that. It's shown that websites that are easy to access end up getting a better Bounce Rate than other complex sites.


Make it a masterpiece.

You may have seen many websites have bold text, attractive highlighted words in different colors showing off the heading, and essential concepts. This creativity of your webpage has a positive effect on your customer; the idea is super simple if you want to catch the attention you need to shine like diamonds.

Make sure to make it look like a masterpiece that catches every person's eye, making sure that you don't highlight everything. You only need to make the essential parts attractive, or it can even have an opposite effect on your website bounce rate.


Add sharing options

The thing that can improve your bounce rate continuously, if your visitor can share the content with social media without having much trouble. Make sure that your website gets sharing buttons and place them on the top of your content to get more attention.

You can also make them more comfortable to share to get a better response. Not everyone wants to leave the page and click the lost of a button to share content. So make sure that you put all the widespread social media sharing buttons on the top like; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. So they can share them in a single click.



We all have been at a place at some point in our life, where we read some content and ended up getting confused somewhere and wanted some answers. The best way to make sure that your visitor doesn't go through that feeling of confusion is to put a FAQ section or a FAQ page where you can answer those questions.

This page will help your visitor get more attached to your page and improve your bounce rate, although you need to make sure that you check it as frequently as you can to provide faster responses to new questions.

If you can't handle this page, you can even hire a Web Development agency in Gurugram, or whichever place is near you to help you with all these things.



So these were just a few things that can help your bounce rate improve, you can choose either you want help from professionals like the website design company in Delhi, or you want to do all these on your own, either way, these tips can for sure help your bounce rate improve.


Sunil Kumar

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