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How would a business owner not be cheated by a digital marketing agency?

How would a business owner not be cheated by a digital marketing agency?

How would a business owner not be cheated by a digital marketing agency?

Are you willing to get your business promoted by the top digital marketing agencies? Definitely, every business aspiring to build a brand looks forward to collaborating with digital marketing agencies for a wider reach. However, there is something that stops you from proceeding ahead. The fear of being cheated and duped hovers over every businessman. According to a recent online survey, there has been an 80% increase in the number of fake digital marketing agencies. No entrepreneur wants to be fooled by a digital marketing agency despite paying him a huge amount for marketing. To avoid such embarrassments, an entrepreneur should be smart, and agile to take note of all the activities taking place around him. He must be conscious to observe the red flags around him and question every action of these agencies. Here are some of the tricks that one must keep in mind as a businessman to make the most of these digital marketing agencies.

Maintaining a track of activities

Of course, when you are building a brand, one cannot expect you to micromanage the activities of your digital marketing agency. But, you must be vigilant to demand weekly or monthly reports from them that showcase the actions accomplished by them over the period of time. This helps the businessman take a bird’s eye view if things are moving for the betterment and promotion of his brand. If an agency is desisting from sending these transparent reports to you, then there’s something to be fishy about. One must be very particular about choosing these digital marketing agencies. Demanding a report on a regular basis helps to obtain adequate results against the payment being disbursed.

Keep a check on the Key Performance Indicators

Digital marketing agencies usually charge their fees in accordance with the fulfilment of the key performance indicators. After the commencement of the project, they often tamper with these indicators and resort to unethical and unfair practices to showcase their achievements. Many digital marketing agencies end up purchasing buyers from fake websites, reporting false traffic data, placing fake orders and undertaking what not to impress their clients. However, the results of these activities are short-lived and do not help in the long-term brand creation. A report published by Juniper Research showcased that around 22% of the digital advertising spend was reported to be fraud. Therefore, a businessman should constantly evaluate the targets being accomplished by these agencies and check if they are for real. It is only after this check that they must proceed ahead with payments.

Check the cost-to-results ratio

Also known as the Return on Investment, the cost-to-results ratio is an important indicator that helps businessmen to know if their digital marketing agencies are actually helpful in the long run or not. They want to be able to compare the total investment they made against the results they obtained on a real-time basis to ensure that they are not being cheated. Digital marketing agencies should actually help to boost the goodwill, followers, traffic and popularity of your business over time. But sadly, over 42% of the online traffic is driven by bots. A businessman should never be callous to overlook even a single lapse as it could damage his business over a period of time.

Avoid one-time fixtures

Most of the fake and inefficient digital marketing agencies promise businessmen quick results with just a one-time effort. Never fall for these promises ever. It is simply because of the fact that there isn’t any shortcut to success. Agencies promise to rank your website sufficiently well within a few days and also end up collaborating with a number of third-party websites to link your content. Research has predicted that 14% of these PPC clicks are estimated to be fraudulent. In fact, 56% of these one-time links are not even viewed by the users. This creates a bad impression on the target audience. In order to truly improve rankings, a businessman must make sure that the digital marketing agencies are abiding by the principles of search engine optimization. In fact, agencies should work on improving the quality and optimization of the content to truly make a difference.

Always look to your competition

Making a choice of digital marketing agencies is fine but one must make sure that the choice remains sustainable all throughout. Your digital marketing agency should have an eye on your competitors and the choice of their strategies over a period of time. It is also common for a digital marketing agency to handle multiple companies in one go. But a businessman should make sure that the agency hired by him is making efforts to understand the uniqueness of his company. Search engine optimization is not a straight-jacket phenomenon that can fit every company. Therefore, an agency should cater to every business separately. If the businessman is not able to find anything different for his common, then it is definitely time to switch to a new agency as your current agency is simply minting money and not doing anything for your brand.

Know-how of Google algorithms

Google algorithms are the secrets to success in the world of digital marketing. Every digital marketing agency aims to get a close catch to these algorithms to successfully promote their client’s product. The changes in the Google algorithms are very uncertain and only Google employees can know them in advance. But, if your digital marketing agency promises and assures you that they will find the correct algorithms for you, then as a businessman you should clearly opt out of their services. It is technically impossible for any agency to have this technical know-how. This is a direct indication that the agency is trying to dupe you.


Building a brand is not easy and it requires sustainable and constant support from a digital marketing agency to make a real-time difference. As a businessman, it is your duty to save yourself from being duped in the hands of these digital marketing agencies. Even a single ignorance on your part can put your brand at risk. Therefore, one must be on his toes to regularly stay in touch with these brands and also monitor the process of brand building. This will definitely help to judge the efficacy of the digital marketing agency in the long run.

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