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Strategies to Increase Content Sharing on Social Media

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Strategies to Increase Content Sharing on Social Media

When you have a website, it gets essential for you to try almost everything that will help your site grow. Social Media sharing is one of them; it's the most important one of them. Many people hire a different social media marketing company to get their content boosted.


If you want you can try that too, especially if you are from northern India, there are the Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi, Social Media Agency in Delhi, etc. That can help you grow pretty well. However, if you want a start from your own, there are some strategies you need to know.


Why is it essential to increase Social Media Sharing?


Social Media platforms play a huge role in our world these days; whether it's about Nike brands or a kid performing stunts, social media is what gets them in trend. Social Media can let you spread your brand message faster than any standard way of advertising.


Do you know that on social media every second, a total of 76k videos get watched, more than 8k tweets get posted, and more than 900 Instagram posts are published? Now, don't even talk about blogs because the numbers are way too high. So when people are on social media more than they are in any other place, there is no doubt why it's considered essential.




Add the extension with a share button.


Help your viewers in sharing your content. Believe it or not, viewers do want to share most of the materials that they see on the internet to their friends, family, and social media. Although what they don't want is getting all the trouble by finding the more option and then clicking share and then selecting an app on where they want to share.


There are many attractive and comfortable to share buttons, just like Instagram provides you. So make sure that all those websites you are using that don't support the share button, you can use different tools that let you add an attractive share button on your post. To get a better response, place them on the top of the content, so as soon as they open it, they can see the share button first.


Target each social media platforms


Another way to increase your social media sharing is by being active on each social media platform, especially if your website is new, you need to consider this as the most crucial step. Target Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin, etc.


Although you need to make sure that your focus is more on Facebook as it alone provides more than 31% of social media sharing. If you can try to hire a Facebook Marketing Company to do the work for you, you will be able to increase your Social Media sharing faster.


Create an attractive and relatable content


It has observed that content that has a story, attractive headlines, good readability score, big names, and relevant keywords shown at the top of the search page. These things also increase the chance of people opening your website more than other sites.


If they view your site more than yourself, your website will get more shares than other websites on that page. You can even have Social Media Marketing Consultants to give you a better view of how this works, as they know a lot of how to make your page rank first in the search engine.




Another aspect that most people don't consider while posting the content on your website is the timing of your audience. Many people must be going through your site every day, although there is a specific time when the majority of your audience is more active than any other time. When you get to know that time, post your content only at that time; this will increase your views and sharing.

Take help from social media influencers.

You can request a social media influencer to promote your content, or even better; you can also hire him as your brand ambassador. Now, this isn't a free or an easy way to increase your content sharing, but this is undoubtedly the best.

While finding an influencer, make sure they can relate to your brand or your content, also target the influencers that have the audience type that you want for your website and who will connect to your content. That way, you can get the fastest growth than any other way in social media.


So like we saw, there are many ways to increase your Social Media Sharing of Contents. In the end, I will say that whether you choose a Social Media management company or do it by yourself, it doesn't make a huge difference as long as you take care of all the steps.


Sunil Kumar

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